Doula Sagrada

Doula Sagrada

I am a recent DONA-certifying postpartum Doula in the Los Angeles area; I offer personalized prenatal, breastfeeding and postnatal support, on a sliding scale depending on each kind of budget. Additionally, I am expanding myself to support people at the end of their life, as a death doula to elders who find themselves facing their end-of-life care. I offer consultations and family services for clients in this stage of life. I personally had a natural, home birth in water and integrate Mexican Traditional practices into my work, ranging from rebozo work to yierberia and specialized womb massage/ ceremonies. Please get in touch with me to see how I can best uplift your family. I am fluent in Spanish!

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Sufiana is originally from Bombay and has lived in Los Angeles and San Francisco as well. She has worked as a professional dancer, actress, singer and currently leads Spiritual Transformative retreats and workshops mostly for women (occasionally mixed groups), in India and many other countries focusing on Women’s Empowerment, Feminine Embodiment and Creative Arts Healing. She considers her work to be a deep soul surgery.

She used to love listening to and making up stories since childhood. She loves using story telling as a path to heal the heart and the soul, psyche and consciousness. Like our souls, many of the stories passed on to us a very ancient and carry the medicine that our world often needs.

She holds a Masters degree in Philosophy, has studied Expressive arts therapy in San Francisco, holds a Post-grad Certificate in Women’s studies and is a trained Yoga instructor specializing in Pranayama, Meditation and chanting.

In her spare time she loves to dance, study astrology, work with kids, write Sufi poems, theater acting, sing, paint, do photography, travel etc…

Her path, she says, is the path of Unconditional Love and of REVIVING, giving voice to and being in service to the DIVINE FEMININE!

Vanessa Soulxo

Vanessa Soulxo

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Vanessa LeMaistre is a modern day Spiritual Activist and all about helping others tap into their limitless potentiality. She is a Teacher/Healer in the Boulder, Co area where she is following her calling as a shaman. Her platform provides a self-love positivity lifestyle brand to souls who are looking to feel whole within themselves. Vanessa has overcome a lot and believes if she can, so can you. She believes in you tapping into your soul to be the person you came here to be. Her story is moving and she has used her adversities to be the driving purpose in her life as she believes everything happens for a reason, and it’s always up to you how you choose to live due to the things that have happened to you.

Vanessa is currently building her empire. She has a nonprofit called Kamden’s Room, in honor of her son named Kamden who passed away at 9 months, to give back to children.

They go to schools with underprivileged children including global schools in impoverished countries such as India to donate children’s books and guided meditation. They bring meditation to children so they can learn the benefits of how it brings heightened focus, concentration, stress relief, so that they will always have this tool at their grasp. The initiative and mission are inspired by giving children what Kamden was not fortunate enough to have- a childhood. You can find more information at

Vanessa is currently obtaining a masters degree at the contemplative accredited university called Naropa. She is in a sustainability program called “Resilient Leadership.”

At the University, Vanessa is taking immediate leadership roles and has founded a new speaking platform for students called “Naropa Talks,” similar to TedTalks, this annual event Vanessa has created is for students to display their public speaking skills in a creative way pertaining to the vision we see for a new world.

Along with school she is starting her e-commerce line called SoulXo where she has created a brand with him artwork featured on her pieces so that they are always unique.

She practices heavily in ceremonies and shamanic healing practices. She guided her clients through journeys that bring clear and selective guidance to their life and for their next steps on their path. She also teaches yoga and workshops within the Boulder/ Denver community.

Her upcoming self-transformational book coming out called “Believe in Your Soul.” This book is very conversational and full of the igaf’s etc., but more importantly the book motivates you to tap into the deeper parts of yourself- your soul. She believes that life can be beautiful and that is your right, no matter who or what you are, nor what you’ve been through.

She believes everyone has the right to believe in themselves and achieve anything they put their minds too. Oh yes, and the book is highly focused on self-love. As you can only love others to the extend that you are able to love yourself. Her book allows you to have a new and more positive perspective, if you are open to self- transformation.

She is available for bookings as a motivational speaker. You will not be disappointed as she bridges a lovely balance between spiritual and intellectual context in her deliveries and she is full of passion. Her style is very nonconventional in the sense that she speaks from her heart. The world is shifting today and Vanessa has a breakthrough perspective as an edgy millennial that has an unorthodox view to how we need to collectively be shifting things.

Vanessa’s blog site with regular posts and items from her collection can be found at:

Her future goals are to keep building her vision for a new and more positive world with the essence of love. She is very passionate about our generation really taking a stand and making a difference any positive way that we can so that we may heal and so that our world may heal. It’s all about evolution.

You can find her inspirational youtube videos on her youtube channel: and on her social media platforms she promotes exerts and positive affirmations from her upcoming book.

You can find her on social media platforms such as Ig, snapchat, Twitter  @vanessasoulxo which is also the name of her website domain. Her Facebook is her first and last name: Vaneessa LeMaistre

Courtney Garner

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Courtney is a passionate Tantra Practitioner & Tibetan 5 Element Healer. She teaches Tantra based in Tibetan lineage, Taoist tantra and Neo tantra. As an experienced medical practitioner, she offers instruction with a strong foundation in health and well being of the physical body. Her recent work has been focused on treating the energetic root causes of illness and emotional suffering through mindful self-care training and Tantric healing practices. Courtney’s mission continues to cultivate a compassionate community that will consistently choose to “Lead with Love.”

West Meets East…

As a youth, Courtney fostered a fascination with the human body that eventually propelled her into a career as a PACU nurse. She has worked in many healthcare settings since then, including 5 years as a home health nurse that changed her focus to one to one care. Seeing the vast improvements in her 80+ patient made in his final years inspired Courtney to focus her tantric training and medical knowledge on providing holistic options for the public.

Healing Her Se8uality…

Courtney found tantra like most people, when they needed it. While dealing with intimacy issues in her personal life and looking for mental calm, she ended up training to become a certified Tantra practitioner, and quickly learned to integrate the spiritual technology into her life and experience tangible holistic results. Through the lens of her own healing she developed motivation to help others find intimacy, balance, and overcome se8ual dysfunction. She has focused on building a bridge between men and women’s se8ual awareness through holistic education and Tantric Healing technology.

Her Current Mission…

Courtney’s current focus is on meeting the need for accessible mindfulness education in all areas of life, including se8ual health. She’s an all access Tantrica who many seek guidance from on meditation, healing trauma, activating orgasm, and Tantric Male training to name a few.

Courtney continues to cultivate her intuition and skills as a healer by traveling the world offering healing sessions & workshops.

real practice = real results

Courtney’s understanding of the body combined with a structured holistic practice has yielded some amazing results. One example is getting rid of her own nagging asthma symptoms. After getting to a point of using her inhaler 4 times a day, it was time to apply her practice along with a system of mindful exercises that would reverse the programming of asthma on a subtle level. This method worked successfully!


These tangible experiences keep her motivated to go deeper and find more ways to guide people into healthier, more fulfilling, and empowered lives. Join her mission to cultivate more connection and fulfillment through teaching mindful habits, Tantric Healing, and having more guilt-free enjoyment in Life!




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I embody a yoga practice that is at the intersection of holistic wellness and social justice activism. My yoga practice, is diverse and ever-evolving. In the past five years, yoga played a significant role in my personal development and transformation. I am living proof that disciplined empathy for yourself,  will change how you show up and interact in the world.

I am passionate about supporting all communities, this includes those communities who often have limited access to personal care and holistic resources.  It is my intention to build bridges, weaving among diverse groups, sprinkling yoga as I go. My intention is to empower people to cultivate a more holistic relationship to themselves and the Earth. Meditation and yoga are the practices I utilize to embody actions for radical personal and collective transformation.
My social media is:


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Herb Spiral Iris

Herb Spiral Iris Profile Pic

Full profile coming soon!

“It’d be nice to have some kind of place to raise awareness about animal rights, I feel that’s a very important thing in today’s world to be sympathetic to another form of being…once you introduce that  to the world and they can prove to themselves that they’re capable of loving a different form of life, that would be great, a little volunteer center or something to let people know, it would be nice to have a garden where people can go and just talk about all of these things that they like, not material things…and be able to connect with one another, to share ideas.

The long journey that I’m embarking right now, basically I want to go into restorative art with the idea and the attempt of trying to create a more ecologically friendly burial system because I really do not agree with the tradition of burying your loved one in a box, and pumping it up with all of those chemicals. I want to come up with…the Mirna tonic and it would with herbs obviously, but it would be a more natural herbal preservative so that way we’re dying with dignity and we’re going back into the earth so these plants take over you and you go back into the earth how we’re supposed to.”

-Herb Spiral Iris

Saku Devi

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Saku is a yogini, musician, and dancer of South Asian heritage who received her yoga certification in Bangalore, India, her BFA Multi-focus Percussion Performance from California Institute of the Arts, and MM Commercial Music Composition from CSULA. She is also a NCCPT certified personal trainer and credentialed educator who has taught middle and high school music.

​Yoga, along with a healthy plant-based diet and recognizing the divine feminine, are necessary complements to her dance regiment, as well as all other aspects of life: playing drums of the East and West, performing music, producing music, dancing, MCing punk rock shows and solidarity festivals, DJing and/or dancing for South Asian LGBTQ events, maintaining a circulated body through long flights to South Asia and back, smashing patriarchy and toxic masculinity on both sides of the globe, and changing the planet through her activism for LGBTQ, people of color, feminism, and animals.

Yoga has always been her cross-training for her classical Indian and Middle Eastern dance training regiments, as well as healing and maintaining her overall peace of mind and balance in life. She uses this experience to unwind some of the greatest minds in the world, as she is the current evening yoga instructor for NASA in Pasadena, CA.

She believes in the bounty of healing that Mother Earth provides through herbs and plants, and also believes in living in harmony with her. She regularly visits and shares notes with her relatives in the Ayurvedic medicine field in Sri Lanka.

Born and raised in Theravada Buddhism, she has expanded her spirituality to include gender balanced and Goddess-workshipping Tantric Buddhism and meditation techniques.

She also believes in providing necessary healing for social justice activists so that they can recharge and continue doing the important planet-changing work that they do without burning out. It is important to her to get healing yoga to various communities of classes, cultures, and genders in order to bring inner and outer union, harmony, and balance to them (for both individuals and community). A little yoga works wonders for destroying toxic masculinity and properly balancing feminine and masculine energies in any culture!

She applies the Sanskrit definition of yoga, which is “union”, to her multicultural and diverse lifestyle as she flows through the different worlds of punk, hip hop, and other musical styles and worlds, practicing Eastern spirituality in the West, and raising vibrations smashing patriarchy in activism in various cultural and LGBTQ communities.

She teaches and performs locally and internationally.

Alexandria Foxxcroft

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Alexandria Foxxcroft is a sex educator, Hatha yoga instructor, ethical luxurious natural beauty and skin care entrepreneur, model, and performance artist.